10 Things You’ll Learn While Traveling

Whether you’re backpacking, road tripping, or simply on holiday for the week, there are many lessons to be learned from traveling. Below is a list of 10 Things You’ll Learn While Traveling which include tips and lessons you’ll find helpful before leaving on your trip. Number 3 is something you should always be prepared for!

1. You’ll Learn to Make Friends Easily.
Whether you’re traveling alone or with friends, it’s a good idea to meet new people along the way. Traveling alone can get lonely, and traveling with friends can get annoying at times. Simply ask someone new if you can join them for a drink or a game of cards. You’ll quickly get over your fear of rejection and be on your way to having friends all over the world.


2. You’ll Learn to Convert Currencies, Temperatures, Distance, and Speed.
Even if math wasn’t your strongest subject in school, you’ll slowly learn to convert Dollars to Pounds, Euros, or Pesos. You’ll also learn to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, Miles to Kilometers, and Miles Per Hour to Kilometers Per Hour. You might struggle at first but the more you practice, the easier it’ll become. By the time you make it back home you’ll be a pro.


3. You’ll Learn That Things Will Get Lost, Misplaced, and Possibly Stolen.
When you’re living out of a bag and constantly on the move, it’s easy to misplace things or leave something behind. By the time you realize it, you’re already in another country. If something does get lost don’t let it ruin your trip. Always remember to double check your bags before checking out of your room, and lock up your valuables when you can. Most importantly, don’t travel with items you can’t afford to lose.


4. You’ll Learn to Enjoy Time Alone.
There will come times along your travels when you’ll be alone. Use this time to reflect on your life, your travels, and your future. There’s a peaceful feeling that can only come from being on your own. If you get lonely, you can always make friends, but being able to overcome the fear of loneliness will make your travels more enjoyable. Don’t be afraid to go for a hike or attend a show alone simply because there’s no one to join you.


5. You’ll Learn That Traveling Without An Income Is Expensive.
Things that you normally wouldn’t find pricey, seem ten times more expensive when you’re traveling. This is especially true when you’re traveling in the UK, or if you come from a country with a weak currency. Something that might cost you $20 at home, will cost £20 in the UK, which is roughly $34. Your best bet is to find some way of making money while you travel before leaving home, whether it’s online, getting a work visa, or performing for tips.


6. You’ll Learn How to Best Pass Through Customs.
Passing through customs can sometimes be nerve-racking, even when you have nothing to hide. With practice you’ll perfect how to quickly get through customs. You’ll learn that it helps to have a departing ticket for the country you’re entering, papers showing your funds, and information on your hotel or hostel with you. You don’t need to reserve your entire trip in advance, but it’s a good idea to have this information ready when entering a new country.


7. You’ll Learn That Earplugs are a Necessity.
Getting a good nights rest is sometimes difficult when you’re traveling. If you’re planning on taking over night trains, flights, or staying in hostels to save money along your trip, earplugs are a must. Hostels are sometimes noisy as people are constantly coming in and out of the room. Earplugs will help you sleep better and wake up rested to go exploring the next day.


8. You’ll Learn That Traveling is Enjoyable but Tiring.
Whether you’re traveling for 3 weeks or 3 months, traveling is tiring. The less time you plan to stay in a city, the busier you’ll be there. Since you’re constantly on the move with luggage in hand, your body will get tired. Don’t forget to schedule in a day or two of rest and relaxation in between cities. This could include a day at the spa, or simply a day laying around in a park daydreaming.


9. You’ll Learn How to Get Around in a New Place.
Being able to read maps is essential while traveling. Your mobile navigation systems won’t always work, so be ready to use an old fashion paper map while you travel. It will also help if you know which way is North. Being able to navigate public transportation such as the bus, tube, or rail system is also crucial. If you don’t know how to do this already you’ll learn along the way, but it’s always better to go prepared.


10. You’ll Learn Some New Lingo.
When you’re traveling you meet people from all over the world. At first it might be difficult to understand what they’re saying, even if you speak the same language. After a few days though you’ll pick up new terms for things like, “Tube” for “Subway,” and “Toilets” for “Restroom.” Before you know it, you’ll be speaking like the locals.


3 thoughts on “10 Things You’ll Learn While Traveling

  1. Awesome post Esai! Very informative and I like your relaxation picture 8) and I hope nothing has been stolen from you 😦

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