Life And Travels’ 2014 Top 10 Sites for Cheap Travel

Life And Travels’ 2014 Top 10 Sites for Cheap Travel:

A quick guide to cheap airfare, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation.

SkyScanner is my go to site for finding the best deals on airfare. They allow you to search multiple airlines at once for the best prices. You can be as specific as you’d like with dates and airports, or as flexible, searching an entire country or month if you have an open schedule.

If you prefer staying on the ground, Megabus offers great deals on Coach Buses in the USA and West Europe with some routes starting at just $1! Their double decker buses feature power outlets at every seat, and you’ll save the cost of checked baggage taking a bus.

Another good site for cheap airfare is CheapOAir. Although not as flexible as SkyScanner, you can find great deals through them. Generally what I like to do, is find a flight on CheapOAir, then check that airlines official site to see if it’s any cheaper.

Ryanair is a discount airline company based in Europe, with fares starting around $15. This is a great option for those traveling light, as the baggage fees are generally more then the airfare. Some flights will still be a cheaper option than trains or coach, even with the bag fees.

Hostels are a great option for those on a budget, or solo travelers trying to make friends along the way. HostelWorld makes finding a bed for the night very easy with their hostel ratings and location maps. They only require a small deposit for the initial booking, giving you more time to save up before checking in.

If you prefer a real hotel, might suit you better. You can easily set your search criteria to meet your needs and location. I use because promo codes starting at 10% off can almost always be found through a quick search on Google.

For travelers looking to get a more authentic feel for a city, AirBNB allows you to connect with locals renting out a spare room, bed, or house at your destination. The local’s price is usually less than the surrounding hotels, and you’ll even be able to get tips from a local.

If hotels and hostels are out of your budget, try CouchSurfing. connects travels with willing hosts in different cities offering you a free place to sleep. You might be sleeping on a floor, but if it’s free you can’t really complain.

Spirit Air is a discount airline company with cheap flights in the United States of America. Another great choice for those traveling light, Spirit does charge for checked baggage, but their ticket prices are generally much less then it’s competitors.

10. Hotel Tonight App
Technically not a website, the Hotel Tonight App has made the list for it’s great last minute rates and easy to use platform. The app is free on iPhone and Androids, and new users can receive a $25 credit when they sign up and use Promo Code: EMARTINEZ155

If you have any suggestions on other great discounted travel sites, please feel free to comment below.

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