How to Obtain Mexican American Dual Citizenship

There are plenty of great reasons to apply for Dual Citizenship, but the most common is the added freedom it gives you to travel. As they say, two passports are better than one! And fear not, having dual citizenship and two passports is completely legal around the world. But first, be sure to do some research to help you decide whether receiving your dual citizenship is right for you.

Mexican dual citizenship can be obtained by anyone that was born in the United States of America to Mexican born parents.

Before you can receive your Mexican passport, you MUST apply for Dual Citizenship or “Doble Nacionalidad” in Spanish, with the “Registro Civil.” This mean, that you are applying to receive a Mexican birth certificate (Acta de Nacimiento) which you need before you can apply for a passport.

The guide below is a step by step tutorial on applying with the Resgistro Civil for your Dual Citizenship. Keep in mind that the requirements are always subject to change.

1. Before heading down to the consulate or embassy, you must have an appointment to be seen. Without an appointment you will only be able to speak with the information desk.
To make an appointment you can call 1(877)639-4835, or simply create an account online through:
I recommend doing it online as it is simpler to understand and quicker.

2. When you’re on the site, you can choose to view the page in Spanish, English, French, or Mandarin at the top.

3. Fill out the First Time User registration for a new account. After completing your account, and confirming it with your email, the next step is to sign in.

4. Once you’re signed in, choose your Country of Residence, enter your Zip/Postal Code, and choose the closest Consular Office to you. In the Services drop box select “Birth Certificate” (Acta De Nacimiento).
Next fill out your personal details and select a date and time that works for you. The color coded calendar on the right will help you see what is available.
Be sure to write down or print the portfolio number for your records.

5. The requirements for applying can be found here in Spanish:

You will need…

An original American birth certificate for the person applying. (The consulate/embassy will keep the original. You can get an original copy at the nearest vital records office in your birth city)

A government ID of the person applying, such as a drivers license or identification card.

An original birth certificate for one, or both of your parents or your parents’ valid Mexican passport. (They will not keep your parents’ original, but you must bring a photocopy for the consulate/embassy to keep.)

If married, an original of your parents’ marriage license, and a photocopy for the consulate/embassy to keep.

A photocopy of your parents’ official valid identification cards/drivers license on both sides.

A photocopy of your two witness’ official valid identification cards/drivers license on both sides. (Sometimes the consulate may provide the witnesses for you, but this may not always be the case.)

It is recommended to bring all the original documents, plus the photocopies to your appointment.

6. Once you have all the required documents, I recommend scheduling an initial appointment to have the documents checked and verified. If everything is correct, schedule another appointment in which your parents must be present to sign your Mexican birth certificate (they may only need one parent present).

7. When you arrive at the consulate/embassy, you may still need to take a number and wait to be called, even with an appointment scheduled.

8. Once they verify the documents, and have your parents sign, the paperwork will be processed.

9. Payment of $13 per copy will be collected, and if everything is approved by the consular, you can pick up your original copies at the consulate/embassy the following week.

10. Once you pick up your Mexican Birth Certificate from the consulate/embassy, you can then schedule an appointment to apply for a passport.

How to obtain your Mexican Passport will be in another article.

Obtaining dual citizenship can be a lengthy process, especially if you have to try getting your parents original birth certificates from Mexico. It will take time and cost money, so be sure it is something you really want to obtain before starting the process.

13 thoughts on “How to Obtain Mexican American Dual Citizenship

    • Here in San Antonio, Texas you can get them at the consulate. I am not sure what the process is if they have passed away. Hope this is helpful.

      • When I did it, I had to have a family member in Mexico get a copy from the office there, but they have since changed the rules I believe. Now, your parents should be able to set up an appointment themselves with a consulate near you to request their birth certificate. Once one of them has the copy, you can apply for your dual citizenship.

  1. I dont have an american i.d and my mom cant cone to mx from the u.s. i just want a mx i.d. is there a much simpler way to get it..

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