20 Not So Typical New Year Resolutions Everyone Should Commit To


The New Year has arrived! As you reflect on the ups and downs of the past year, you may realize that not much has changed. Once again, it’s time to start thinking of a few New Year resolutions for the coming year. Maybe you’ll resort to using last year’s resolutions that weren’t followed through with. Many will stick to the common, lose weight, eat healthier and stop smoking, resolutions that we’re used to. These are all great, but why not change things up a bit this year. Get away from the norm. Change the norm! Check out this list of 20 Not So Typical New Year Resolutions Everyone Should Commit To.

1. Start Recycling

Make an effort to help reduce our human footprint on Earth.


2. Stop Littering

Instead of tossing those cigarette butts or fast food wrappers out your car window, wait until you get home and put them in a garbage bin.


3. Spend More Time Outdoors

Get away from the video games and reality shows for once, and spend some time hiking or enjoying a picnic.


4. Start Conversations on Elevators

Get rid of those awkward elevator rides with a little light conversation. You might even make someone’s day.


5. Take More Risk

Book that flight to Europe you’ve always wanted. Go skydiving. Move to a new city. Fall in love. Our time on Earth is limited, make the most of it.


6. Volunteer Once a Month

Stop wasting your day sitting around the house, instead volunteer at a homeless shelter or help a non-profit build a home. You won’t regret it.


7. Start Investing Money Instead of Spending it

Don’t spend money as soon as you get it, set some aside each month to invest in stocks, bonds, or even CD’s. A little investing goes along way over time.


8. Try New Things

Tired of the same boring routine? Try something new this year, maybe Ethiopian food for the first time, acting classes, or find a new hobby.


9. Smile at Strangers

Stop avoiding eye contact and instead share a smile with someone. Sometimes a simple smile can help brighten someone’s day.


10. Drive Safer

That text message can wait, stop texting and driving. Slow down a little. Make complete stops. Always use your turn signal and stop being an asshole.


11. Stop Idolizing Designer Brands

Don’t spend hundreds on designer jackets, handbags, or shoes that drain your savings account. Instead spend that money on a trip somewhere new, the memories will outlast those Gucci shoes.


12. Read More

I recommend self-development or financial education books, but read what ever makes you happy. Reading will help keep you sharp as you get older.


13. Make an Actual Bucket List

Stop saying, “that’s on my bucket list” and finally make an actual bucket list. Get a notebook, write down your list, and cross off the ones you complete.


14. Practice Your Manners

Hold the door open for others and say thank you when someone does it for you. Please and Thank You go a long way.


15. Travel Abroad

If you’ve never left your home country, spread your wings and fly somewhere new. Staying in that bubble can’t be good for you.


16. Find a New Job

Stop going to a job you hate. Instead find new work somewhere that makes you happy. Or better yet, find a new way to make money besides a typical job.


17. Don’t Over Think Everything

Make an effort to let things go this year and stop over analyzing every situation in your life.


18. Try More “Do It Yourself” Projects

You’d be surprised what you can make yourself sometimes. Check out Pinterest or simply Google some DIY ideas.


19. Learn to Control Your Emotions

Stop letting your emotions control your decisions. When you’re upset, don’t take it out on others. Practice controlling your emotions this year.


20. Be a Nicer Person.

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